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Download Design Templates

Our ready-made design templates include versions for both the inner pages and the cover of your book. We also have templates for other print projects. Our current templates include the following:

Binding Type
paperback binding template
Softcover Binding
hardcover binding template
Hardcover Binding
self cover board binding
Self-cover Board Book Binding
hardcover board binding
Hardcover Board Book Binding
saddle stitch template
Saddle Stitched
Flyers poster template
Flyer & Poster
wire-o binding template
Wire-O Binding
spiral binding template
Spiral Binding
Inch or mm
Cover with Flaps
Flap Width


Cover Greyboard Thickness
Pages & Paper
Inner Page Count
Cover & Inner Page Count
Inner Paper
1 gsm ≈ 0.68 lb Text Paper
Dusk Jacket
Flap Width


Can’t find the template your want? Contact our QinPrinting experts.

Downloadable Artwork and Layout Templates to Make Design Easy

At QinPrinting, we do everything we can to make your experience as simple and successful as possible. That’s why we provide our range of ready-made design templates.

To make designing your print project easy—from a hardcover cook book or a paperback romance to a saddle-stitched booklet, an advertising leaflet, promotional posters, a spiral bound workbook and much more—we’ve created a series of special, industry standard templates. Each template contains easy instructions and layouts. Simply download the template, follow the instructions, and add your artwork and text to take the pain out of preparing your files for offset printing.

How to Download a Design Template

To download one of our helpful design templates, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose the binding style you need and click on the appropriate image above (softcover, hardcover, saddle stitch, etc.)
  2. Fill in the form from the dropdown menus to specify the dimensions of your book or other project, paper choices for the inner and outer pages, etc.
  3. Once you’ve filled in the form, just click the “Download inner template” or “Download cover template” or both, according to your needs.
  4. Click “save” to download the template to your computer.

How to Use Your Design Template

All our templates are in PDF format. The first page of each template includes the size (width and height) of your project and simple guidelines for the safe zones, bleed lines, trim lines, and spine area, for example. The inner page template begins on page 2 and include models for the first page, double-page spreads, and the last page. The cover template includes the front, back, and spine. When using the templates, please follow these guidelines:

If you use Adobe Illustrator software, please import the template directly or open it using Illustrator

With Adobe InDesign, place the template into the “parent page

When using Photoshop, you’ll need to set up a new PSD file for the template size or open the template directly into Photoshop. But don’t import the template to an opened PSD as it will change the size.

It’s import to neither shrink nor enlarge the template. So, in Illustrator, adjust the “artboard size” to fit and if you’re using InDesign, make the “page size” the same as the template. The size of your artwork should fit to the bleed (the red dotted frame). If your artwork already has the correct bleed, it’s fine to fit it to the trim line (the blue dotted frame). Any images or background colours must extend to the limit of the bleed to allow for binding and cutting tolerance and make sure than none of your artwork is lost in the print

Core text and any internal images, diagrams, or graphics must be within the safe zone (the green dotted frame)

Work with the template and the content/artwork in different layers

When you’re ready to export your file, please click “use document bleed settings” if you have set up a document which needs a bleed zone

Added Notes for the Cover Design Templates

Our cover templates enable you to mark the book cover bleed, book spine, hardcover groove space, and the hardcover wrapped space. Look at our perfect binding book cover and hardcover template samples for reference. Please get in touch with our team if you have any questions about using our cover templates.

Paperback Cover Design Notes

You can calculate a softcover book width by adding the width of the front and back covers to the width of the spine. The bleed for a softback cover should be 0.125″ (3 mm) on the left edge of the back cover and the right edge of the front cover. You should also add the same bleed space to the cover height.

softcover template

Hardback Cover Design Notes

We make hardcover bindings by wrapping 2.5 mm or 3 mm thick grayboard in printed cover paper.

When you design a hardback’s cover, you must incorporate extra space for the wrapping. The wrapping space is similar to the bleed. That means the front cover image and back cover image should extend to the limits of the wrapping space. You can calculate a hardback’s cover width by adding together the wrapping space on the left, the back cover, the back groove, the spine, the front groove, the front cover, and the wrapping space on the right. You calculate a hardback’s cover height by adding the wrapping space on the top to the book height and the wrapping space on the bottom.

The width of the grooves is 0.39″ (10 mm). If you position text or images in the center of the book’s cover, take care to check if it falls over the groove.

hardcover template

An Important Note About Sizes

Depending on the product specification, our standard size ranges for books are a maximum of 12.59″ by 12.58″ (320 mm by 320 mm) to a minimum of 3.54″ by 3.54″ (90 mm by 90mm).

For flyers and posters, the maximum standard size is 47.24″ by 34.25″ (1200 mm by 870 mm) and the minimum is 1.97″ by 1.97″ (50 mm by 50 mm).

However, we can also customize sizes to your needs. If your request is for dimensions outside these standard parameters, juts get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

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