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Custom Printed Paper Bags

custom printed paper bags wholesale
custom printed paper shopping bags
custom printed paper gift bags
Custom Printed Paper Bags
custom printed kraft paper bags
custom printed paper bags wholesale
custom printed paper shopping bags
custom printed paper gift bags
Custom Printed Paper Bags
custom printed kraft paper bags
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A paper bag can be so much more than a way for your customers to carry their goods. A custom printed paper bag can be a potent marketing tool and a walk-around brand ambassador. It can also lower your environmental impact when you choose FSC and recycled materials.

Branding is an essential aspect of modern business and marketing. Whatever your industry, sector, vertical or niche, branded packaging is an effective and economical marketing strategy for any company. Whether you’re launching product lines, re-branding old ones, or elevating your brand identity custom printed paper bags should be part of your strategy. They’re great for adding value to the products they carry, too, and as custom bags are often kept and reused, thousands of potential customers can see them over their lifetime.

Custom Printed Paper Bag Prices

While the final cost of your custom printed paper bags depends on several factors such as the structural design, size, paper choice, finishes, and quantity, the example price chart below will give you an idea of how much your project could cost. Note that, unlike many offset printers who set a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 1,000 units, our MOQ is just 500.

Custom Paper Bag Prices Chart

All prices listed in CAD

Quantity 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs 10000pcs 20000pcs
Length * Gusset * Height
220 x 60 x 330 mm
300 x 80 x 420 mm
330 x 100 x 450 mm
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • 250 gsm C1S paper with matte lamination outside, cotton handle

Custom Art Print Styles

Custom printed paper bags have many advantages over plain paper or plastic alternatives. They may cost a little more, but the return on investment is potentially much higher. A well-designed custom bag becomes a part of the product asset. Let’s look at how.

Those are just a few of the advantages of custom printed paper bags. Most paper bag suppliers offer a limited range of customizable styles and sizes from which you must choose, limiting the individuality and precision of solutions. But not at QinPrinting. We will help you design and print truly unique custom printed paper bags tailored in every detail to your specific needs.

Custom Printed Paper Bag Sizes

We don’t limit your design choices. Whether you need small folding bags, large carry bags with reinforced sides and handles, or anything in between; just tell us what you want and we’ll make them for you! That said, here are a few of the most common standard sizes to give you a few ideas to get started with:

  • 220 mm × 100 mm × 300 mm
  • 220 mm × 110 mm × 295 mm
  • 260 mm × 120 mm × 310 mm
  • 260 mm × 140 mm × 330 mm
  • 320 mm × 160 mm × 410 mm
  • 450 mm × 170 mm × 485 mm
  • 320 mm × 220 mm × 245 mm

You can choose different shapes and orientations besides sizes. These factors will depend on your product ranges. For example, you may wish to customize your printed paper bag structure to accommodate cosmetics, perfumes, wines and other bottles, clothing, heavier goods and electronics, books, food, toys, and more.

Custom Printed Paper Bag Sizes
Custom Printed Paper Bag Sizes

Custom Printed Paper Bag Materials

QinPrinting has a vast array of paper options from which to choose depending on your brand style, bag structural design, the products the bags will hold, and your budget. Here are the most popular and useful options for a variety of uses.

Textured Paper

White Kraft Paper

The same as brown Kraft paper, but bleached white. This is another great choice for custom printed paper bags as it is sturdy yet classy at the same time. We can finish it in a variety of ways and it maintains excellent colour reproduction.

Textured Paper

Textured Paper

Textured paper is a great choice for paper gift bags, retail paper bags, high branding paper bags and more. If you order fewer than 5,000 pieces, you may choose the texture style from our standard stock. If you print over 20,000 pieces, we can also create customized textured paper according to your needs.

Brown Kraft Paper


Kraft paper is made from chemical pulp, often with recycled or waste materials. This paper is tough, resistant, and durable with a natural look, which makes it a great option for eco-friendly and craft products. Although, with the right design and printing, it can be used for luxury items, too.

C1S Paper (Coated on One Side) with Laminationer

250 gsm C1S Paper

The same as with C2S but only coated on one side, which will usually be the outer side of the bag. If you’re only printing on one surface, then this could be the optimal solution. Lamination still provides protection against tearing, spillages, and general wear, but the inner, uncoated surface will be more vulnerable.

C2S Paper (Coated on Both Sides) with Lamination

C2S paper 

C2S is high-quality paper with a special coating on both sides, which makes the surface beautifully smooth. It’s an excellent option for full-colour printing, which maintains the vibrancy and palette of your designs. Laminating the surface of the paper provides an extra layer of protection and durability, increasing the bag’s useful life. C2S paper is an optimal choice for packing lightweight items.

Paper Thickness (Weight) for Printed Bags

The weight of the paper (which determines how thick it is) will depend on the style, the size and structure of the bags, and the products they carry. As a rough guide, these are the most common paper weights for custom printed paper bags:

C2S Gloss and Matte Art Paper

C1S Gloss and Matte Art Paper

Brown or White Kraft Paper

Textured Paper

Besides the most popular options described above, you can also choose coloured paper or any special paper. Just ask us, and we’ll send you a sample book showing our entire paper range just for the cost of mailing it.

Paper Bag Handles

While the core structure of the bag is important, the handles are a vital element of custom printed paper bags that are often overlooked. Handles must be comfortable, in keeping with the overall design, and robust enough to carry the weight of the goods. While many paper bags have handles made of folded paper, we also offering the following specialist solutions in a range of styles and colours:

Paper Bag Textured ribbon Handles
Textured ribbon
Paper Bag Shiny ribbon Handles
Shiny ribbon
Paper Bag Cord or rope Handles
Cord or rope
Paper Bag Die cut Handles

For added strength, we can secure the handles with grommets. If you’d like tags to tie to the handles, that’s also an option.

Custom Paper Bag Printing Options

At QinPrinting, wherever possible, we use soy-based ink, which is eco-friendly and produces beautiful, vibrant colours. Bag printing options are:

CMYK offset printing

CMYK offset printing —uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black to create the whole spectrum.

Pantone color printing

Pantone colour printing—a form of offset printing, used to obtain 100% faithfulness in colour reproduction.

UV printing

UV printing—for printing onto gold, silver, black and other coloured paper.

Custom Paper Bag Special Finishes

Here’s a helpful list of the range of options to enhance your custom paper bags.

gloss lamination

Gloss lamination adds a shiny, smooth surface that enhances the vibrancy and colour of the printed bag.

gloss lamination

An especially resilient type of gloss lamination to reduce the impact of scuffs, scratches, and general wear-and-tear.

matte lamination

Matte lamination gives your boxes a charming, more subtle finish than gloss. It also tends to soften the colours on your printed surface, which can be the perfect effect for certain products.

matte lamination

An especially resilient type of matte lamination to reduce the impact of scuffs, scratches, and general wear-and-tear.

soft touch lamination

Soft touch lamination is like matte lamination, but the surface has a delightful, almost velvet feel which speaks of quality and luxury.

spot UV

You can highlight a specific area with spot-UV coating. We apply a clear polymer coat to the specified area — which could be a product name, a logo, or an image — which really makes it “pop” and catch the eye. Suitable only for surfaces already treated with matte or soft-touch lamination.

gold foil stamping

Foil stamping adds a metallic effect to lettering or other design elements. Gold, silver and bronze are the most popular choices, but we have a vast range of coloured foils from which you may choose.


Embossing raises the surface of an area of the bag to make it literally stand out. This can highlight your brand name, for example, or your logo.


Like embossing, only the surface is pressed inward to creative a concave impression rather than standing out. For this, you’ll need a more rigid bag structure made of paper with a weight of at least 250 gsm.

Don’t forget that you can combine several of these special finishes—such as an embossed and foil stamped brand name with a spot UV coated logo. It’s up to you!

Our Environmental Commitment

We actively encourage reuse and recycling of all our products. We can use recycled or FSC-certified or recycled materials for your custom printed paper bags on request. FSC-certified means materials from responsibly managed, sustainable forests. If you choose this option, we can also print the FSC certification logo on the bag to show your eco-friendly credentials.

environmental commitment bag
environmental commitment bag

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Let’s Talk!

If you’re ready to explore your options for creating unique custom printed paper bags at a price to suit your budget, we should talk. With over 25 years of success in the industry and going from strength to strength, we’re confident that we can help you design, manufacture, and print perfect paper bags. Get in touch to discuss your needs or ask us for a no-obligation quote.

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