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Three Month Calendar Printing

3-month calendar printable
custom 3-months wall calendar
3-Month Calendar Printing
printing 3-month wall calendar
3-months wall calendar printing
3-month calendar printable
custom 3-months wall calendar
3-Month Calendar Printing
printing 3-month wall calendar
3-months wall calendar printing
100% satisfation Guaranteed
Three-month calendars are a great way to boost your business by adding logos, artwork, and contact information to make them real ambassadors for your brand.

Our three-month calendars are popular for their utility and style. They differ from regular calendars as you can see three consecutive months at a glance. We can also add a date slider and you can customize all our calendars—or send us your logo and text content and we’ll do the rest for you! We guarantee your calendar will make a powerful impression wherever it’s seen. For a corporate gift, a promotional tool, or use in-house, our custom printed three-month calendars are the solution.

At QinPrinting we believe that functionality and style go together with high-level design and the best materials. That commitment — coupled with 25 years of success in the offset printing industry, our expert team, state-of-the-art technology, cost-effective processing, and unbeatable customer service — sustains our world-class reputation among enterprise and non-profit sector clients around the globe.

We are an offset printer, rather than a digital or print-on-demand service, so we must impose a minimum order quantity (MOQ). We’ve set ours as low as possible, at 100 units. But with offset printing, the higher the quantity you order in a single print run, the lower the cost-per-unit.
The standard size is 320 mm x 168 mm. If you need customized sizes, please contact us.
320 X 168 mm
We incorporate a grommet into the header to make the calendar easy to hang on the wall.
Header paper
If you need special paper not shown in the dropdown menu, please contact us.
C1S paper
We laminate only the header paper.
We offer a comprehensive selection of special surface finishes which we can apply to most covers, with a few limitations. For example, spot UV can only be applied to matte laminated and soft-touch laminated covers.
These options are only suitable for gold or silver foil stamping up to a 5.9″ x 1.18″ area; and embossing, debossing, or spot UV up to a 7.87″ x 1.96″ area. If the special finish area you need is larger than this, please contact us to get a quote.
Besides gold and silver foil, we can foil stamp designs in a range of colours. If you need a special colour foil stamp or have specific surface requests, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help.
3-part inner
Typically, the first section of the calendar runs from December of the previous year to November in the current year. The second section runs from January to December of the current year. The third section runs from February of the current year to January of the following year.
12 sheets per part
Inner Paper
Please select your paper choice for your internal pages from the dropdown menu. If you have a special request not listed here, get in touch. We’ll do everything possible to satisfy your needs.
1 gsm ≈ 0.68 lb Text Paper
The supporting panels are a little larger than the calendar and are used for binding.
Panels paper
We usually make the panels from the same paper as the header.
C1S paper
Black or white wire-o coils are standard. If you’d like colored wire, please contact us.
EXW Price 
*The price doesn’t include shipping costs.
Estimated weight:

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Three-Month Calendar Printing Costs

At QinPrinting, we print first-class three-month calendars to your customized specifications. But we also understand that you need to work within your budget and optimize the return on your investment. We specialize in supporting start-ups, small to medium-sized businesses, self-publishers, and independent creatives. That’s why we review our work processes often to make sure we always deliver the finest quality three-month calendars at prices to suit your budget.

So, how much does it cost to print your three-month calendar with us? Get an estimate now with our handy at-a-glance pricing chart. Unlike most offset printing services — which have a minimum print order of 500 or even 1,000 units—we offer you a minimum offset print run of just 100 calendars and still with a very attractive price point. But as you’ll see from the chart, the more calendars you order in a single run, the less you pay per unit. That’s one advantage of offset over digital printing.

Three-Month Calendar Printing Price Chart (folded size 320 x 168mm)

All prices listed in CAD

Quantity 100pcs 500pcs 1000pcs 2000pcs 5000pcs 10000pcs
Inner paper
80 gsm / 54 lb

uncoated text paper
100 gsm / 68 lb

uncoated text paper
  • Please note that all prices are EXW our facility and do not include shipping costs.
  • Header: 350 gsm / 16 pt C1S paper with varnish one side
  • Panels: 350 gsm / 16 pt C1S paper
  • Plastic bag for each one

For a more detailed quote, try our easy and convenient online Printing Cost Calculator. Just follow the link, pop your details into the boxes, and get an instant quote! If you have questions, get in touch and one of our experts from the printing team will be delighted to help.

Common Three-Month Calendar Sizes

The precise dimensions of your three-month calendar depend on several design features, the number of pages, how many photographs and graphics, and so on. We can create calendars of more-or-less any size you like. But our experience shows that it’s often better to stick with standard dimensions in most cases. It makes manufacturing simpler, keeps your costs down, and guarantees a three-month calendar that’s easy to distribute and a pleasure to use.

Our most common size for a three-month desk calendar is 320 mm by 168 mm when folded. But, at QinPrinting, we’re happy to customize three-month calendars in any dimensions you prefer. Only remember complex customization—think giant display calendars or detailed multi-page die-cutting and soft touch lamination—costs more and results in a slower turnaround because of extensive pre-press work and setup. Sometimes, the added investment in customization could be cost-effective. That’s your decision. But for most, it’s cheaper, easier, and just as powerful marketing-wise, to go with regular sizes.

Three-Month Calendar Paper Options

Most three-month calendars feature a design which includes full-colour photography and graphics on the cover and header board, alongside the basic dates-and-days grids below when the calendar is folded out or hung on the wall. We recommend printing the cover, panels, and header on 350 gsm / 129 lb cover paper coated on one side to get the best results. The coated side has an ideal surface for vibrant colour or black-and-white printing that will make your three-month calendar images really pop.

For each month’s grid, we suggest using 80 gsm / 54 lb or 100 gsm / 68 lb uncoated or offset paper. Uncoated papers are great for writing on and give your calendars added functionality. The more your clients can interact with the calendar and the more useful it is, the more often they’ll interact with it and strengthen the positive associations with your brand.

For the date slides, we have red and yellow as colour options.

Three-Month Calendar Sliders

A useful and attractive feature for any three-month calendar is a slider. A slider is a simple addition that makes it even easier to keep track and see the date at a glance. While sliders don’t come “as standard”, just ask us and we’ll make one for you. You can choose between the traditional red slider or a yellow one.

3-month calendar red slider
Red Slider
3-month calendar orange slider
Orange Slider

Binding Options for Custom Three-Month Calendars

We mount your custom three-month calendar on a folding set of cardboard panels, which makes it easy to store and mail out and adds strength and durability when it’s unfolded. The only binding which looks good and gives ease-of-use and great functionality with a three-month calendar is a method we call “wire-o” binding.

Folded three-month calendars

Wire-O binding

Wire-O binding uses a technique known as “punch-and-bind”. We punch or drill equally spaced holes along the upper edge of each section of the calendar’s pages. We then insert a flexible wire—wound into a double series of circular hoops—through the holes. The wire coil holds the pages together while allowing them to flip over easily. We can laminate the pages to make them tougher and water-resistant. And we’re happy to spruce your calendar up with other features, like foil stamping, embossing, debossing, and die-cutting.

We’ll also pre-package your calendars in individual plastic wrappers or bubble envelopes ready for mailing on request. Do you have a feature in mind for your three-month calendar that isn’t mentioned here? No problem! Talk to us. If it’s possible, we’ll do it.

Custom Three-Month Calendar Design and Artwork Tips

Whether you’re preparing your own artwork in-house or commissioning a professional third-party artist or graphic designer, it’s important to understand how to prepare the artwork and text for printing. You’ll need to allow for bleed zones, safety areas, trim lines, and borders, for example, and make sure that the resolution and the colour space are correct. 


Export your files as vectors in PDF format for the best results. Our recommended software options for three-month calendar design are Adobe Illustrator or Adobe InDesign. These will also allow you to convert your colour space from RGB to CMYK which you will need to do for offset printing.


If you can’t deliver vectors — say, if you’re exporting bitmaps from Photoshop — then make sure the resolution is at least 300 DPI. With vectors, you needn’t worry about resolution, but all other images must have a high definition to tolerate resizing without becoming fuzzy and “pixilated”.

3-month calendar header design

Take care when designing the header to make sure that the space matches the dimensions, especially if you choose an unusual shape.

calendar bleed zone 3mm

You’ll need to add a “bleed zone” of 3 mm around all your photographic pages. A bleed is an extended zone at the periphery of your photo, which falls outside the area that your finished page will cover. Once we’ve printed your pages, we’ll cut them to the exact size needed for your chosen calendar format. This “bit extra” gets cut off and makes sure that the finished image fills the page with none of it being lost. You should mark bleed zones as red lines.

calendar trim line

For a wire-o bound three-month calendar, always leave an added margin of at least 5 mm on the edge that we’ll bind the calendar to allow for the holes. For example, if the calendar margin on the cutting side is 10 mm, you need to leave a 15 mm margin on the binding side.

A competent graphic designer should understand the technical details and be able to set this up for you. But we’ll always manually check your files before going to press. While the responsibility for sending “print ready” files is yours, please don’t worry! We’ll be happy to “hold your hand” through the process, explain what’s needed, and liaise with your designer to make sure everything goes smoothly and you end up with a perfect print on your three-month calendar.

To learn more about preparing your art for printing, please check out our Prepress Artwork information page. And please ask us for a design template. We’ll be happy to send you one.

Let’s Talk!

If you’re a business, a non-profit, or an independent creative in need of a first-class custom three-month calendar at an unbeatable price point — we should talk. Get in touch today to chat through your needs or to ask for a no-obligation quote. We can’t wait to help you make your next three-month calendar into a thing of beauty!

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