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Custom Scratch-Off Cards and Ticket Printing

Custom Scratch Off Card Printing Services
Custom Scratch Off Card
Custom Scratch-Off Card-Printing and Ticket Printing
Scratch-off Card Printing
Custom Scratch Off Card Printing Services
Custom Scratch Off Card
Custom Scratch-Off Card-Printing and Ticket Printing
Scratch-off Card Printing
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Scratch off cards and tickets have a wide spectrum of applications and are immensely popular among the public. And our specially formulated “softer scratcher” technology means that the cards and tickets you print with us are easier and more pleasurable than ever for your customers

In today’s competitive business environment, it is essential to discover innovative and effective ways to promote your brand and increase sales. Custom scratch-off cards and tickets could be the answer you’re looking for, either as a permanent product feature or as an innovative promotional tool that will assist you in achieving your objectives. These interactive cards not only generate anticipation and excitement but also provide your consumers with a fun and engaging experience.

Let’s investigate the advantages and potential of customized scratch-off cards, including their customization options, best use scenarios, and design considerations.

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Options for Customizing Scratch Cards and Tickets

You have a variety of customization options to choose from when designing and printing custom scratch off cards. These options enable you to design cards and tickets that align with your brand identity and marketing goals while managing your production and distribution budget effectively. Let’s examine some of the most important available customization options:

Color Options

The scratch-off layer, also known as the scratcher, is available in various hues. Clients usually prefer silver scratchers. However, you can choose custom colors like gold or black for larger quantities or special requests. This customization option enables you to match the scratcher’s color to your brand’s colors or to create a distinctive visual effect.

Silver Scratch Off Cards and Ticket
Silver Scratcher
Gold Scratch Off Cards and Ticket
Gold Scratcher
Black Scratch Off Cards and Ticket
Black Scratcher

Scratcher Shapes

Besides selecting the scratcher’s color, you can also choose its shape. Scratchers are readily available in standard shapes such as round, square, and rectangular, but custom configurations can be created for high-volume orders. This customization option allows you to match the scratcher’s shape to your brand or create a distinctive design element.

Scratch Off shape
Scratch Off shape
Scratch Off shape

Multiple Scratchers Per Card

You can include multiple scratchers on a single card or ticket for increased flexibility and participation. This enables you to provide multiple prizes, discounts, or promotional messages on a single card, increasing the value and excitement for your consumers.

Multiple scratchers per card

Conventional VS Softer Scratchers

Depending on the intended use of the scratch off cards, the sort of scratcher used can vary. Tickets for lotteries, traditional scratch off contests, and promotions will require conventional “hard” silver scratchers. Our specially formulated flexible scratchers are designed for a variety of other scratch off projects in which customers can easily remove the coating using only their nails. This customization option ensures that the scratchers satisfy the particular requirements and preferences of your intended audience. If you are unsure of which option to select, please contact us and we will gladly provide guidance.

Hard Scratcher

Flexible Scratcher

Options for Scratch-Off Cards and Ticket Paper

We offer a vast selection of paper stocks to choose from. Most times, for scratch cards and scratch off tickets, we recommend using coated paper and suggest laminating it for additional protection. We can print the scratcher surface without difficulty on glossy, matte, soft-touch, or laminated surfaces.

You can choose from a wide range of papers for your cards and tickets, listed here:

Other special papers such as colored or metallic papers are also possible.

Design Factors for Custom Scratch Off Cards and Tickets

To guarantee the success of your scratch-off card campaign, you must pay close attention to the design process. Consider the following factors when designing your scratch-off cards:

Protected area for scratchers

Protected Area for Scratchers

It is essential to leave an extra 1.5 mm of space around the scratchers to provide a safe placement zone. Guaranteeing that essential elements, such as logos or text, are not obscured by the scratchers requires leaving an extra 1.5 mm of space around them. You should place all content that needs to be concealed within the allocated scratcher area. 

Image pixel density

Image Pixel Density

We recommend using images with a resolution of 300 DPI (dots per inch) for high-quality reproduction. This ensures that the images printed on the scratch-off cards appear crisp and clear.

Format of files and bleed

Format of Files and Bleed

When submitting your design assets, you must submit them in PDF format with a 3 mm bleed. This ensures that the design extends slightly past the final trim size, preventing any white edges or missing elements.

Options for Scratch-Off Card and Ticket Packaging

Once your custom scratch off cards or tickets have been printed, you must consider packaging options to ensure their safe and aesthetically pleasing presentation. Here are some popular options for packaging scratch-off cards:

Shrink Wrap or Plastic Bag

We can package scratch-off cards using shrink wrap or a plastic bag in a cost-effective and expedient manner, which safeguards them against deterioration, dust, and manipulation. If you have fewer than 20 cards in a pack, then we’ll usually suggest a plastic bag. If you want to pack over 20 cards, shrink wrap is often the best option.

A Folding Carton Box

Provides a more refined and aesthetically pleasing packaging option. You can personalize the folding carton box with your logo and other design elements.

Telescope Rigid Box 

A telescope rigid box is an excellent choice for a premium and luxurious presentation. This box design provides a sturdy and stylish packaging solution for your scratch-off cards, allowing them to stand out.

Magnetic Rigid Box

Magnetic rigid boxes lend a touch of convenience and luxury to the packaging. The magnetic closure allows for effortless opening and closing, and the rigid construction provides excellent card protection.

Scratch off cards and tickets offer a novel and exciting way to advertise your company, engage customers, and increase sales. You can use them in traditional contests, promotions, and lotteries, as well as board games, educational tools, and more. With a variety of customization options, you can design scratch off cards that align with your brand and marketing goals. You can ensure a successful scratch-off card campaign that leaves a lasting impression on your consumers by weighing design elements with care and employing appropriate packaging.

Why Choose Custom Scratch-Off Cards and Tickets?

Scratch-off cards and tickets offer many advantages for businesses seeking to excite consumers and increase sales. Compared with many other promotional and marketing tools, they’re also relatively inexpensive to design and produce. But the novelty effect of the scratcher adds a powerful experiential value from the customer’s perspective.

Promote Your Company

Scratch-off cards offer an outstanding promotional opportunity for your brand, products, or services. You can effectively increase brand visibility and awareness by imprinting your logo, tagline, or other promotional messages on the cards. The element of surprise and the possibility of winning a prize can substantially influence customer behavior and increase sales. Custom scratch-off cards can encourage consumers to make a purchase, redeem a discount, or take part in a special promotion, boosting your revenue. Custom scratch-off cards generate a sense of excitement and anticipation, increasing consumer engagement with your brand. The interactive nature of scratch-off cards motivates customers to partake actively, resulting in a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Personalization and Customization

With variable data printing, each scratch-off card can have a distinct prize or message, allowing you to tailor your promotions to specific consumers or demographic or interest groups. This level of customization can make your consumers feel appreciated and increase their brand loyalty. Custom scratch-off cards can be used in a variety of marketing contexts, including fundraisers, marketing events, employee rewards, and giveaways. Their adaptability makes them appropriate for enterprises in various industries.

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